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tv-licence-feeBefore the internet age, TV license was required only when a person owned a television. However, with the internet age there have been new rules, a person needs to get a TV license but not for the catch-up sites. Diall the TV licence contact number to understand the terms and conditions. You can learn more at https://www.gov.uk/tv-licence
The following tips would help in understanding about the TV licensing.

If a person watches or record shows that are being live telecast, then the person must be covered with a TV license. The person also needs a license even if they use BBC iPlayer. Regardless of the device on which the TV is being watched, the license needs to be purchased. Watching TV on mobile phones also require license but about 31% f the students do not know that; so, whatever device is being used for watching television, be it computer, smart phone, game console or tablet, the fee must be paid. However, TV license is not necessary if they are watched after it has been broadcast; catch-up services does not require a fee unless they’re watched on the iPlayer.

AS mentioned earlier, BBC iPlayer now needs a license but it is not required for catch-up services. On September 2016 this new rule came into force; even if only the catch=up services are being watched on the iPlayer, it still requires a license. Whether the programs are being streamed, downloaded or watched live on the iPlayer, it all requires the license.
To save from paying the license fee, one can watch programs from catch-up sites that are free. The license is needed only when a person watches live streaming or catch-up from the iPlayer; when other websites are used for catch-up, then it is absolutely free. Any program like documentaries, dramas, soaps, cartoons or movies can be watched on these catch-up sites. In this case, the user can cancel the license and this is legal as long as they don’t watch live streaming or on BBC iPlayer.

To record the live TV, a license is required. This is because the recording happens as the programs are being telecast and even if it is not watched, recording it needs a license.
However, license is not required for watching the movies or series from online subscription services like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video; movies can be watched for free on YouTube.
Watching or recording live TV is illegal and is against the law. There are enforcement officers that carry out checks. People who dodge paying the fee for TV licensing could face prosecution and a fine of about £1,000. Imprisonment cannot be ordered for watching live television without license but dodging the pay can land the person in prison.

The BBC iPlayer cannot be steamed outside of UK and this has caused annoyance among the holidaymakers as they feel that paying a fee for license must allow them access outside of UK. The programs can be downloaded outside UK so that they can be watched.
There is a bizarre rule that says students can watch TV that is covered in their parent’s license in any devices that has its internal batteries which is not plugged to any mains or aerials. This means students can watch live TV using their parent’s license on smart phones, tablets or laptops as long as they are not plugged in for charging.

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